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2016 Award Season Recap

—by David Chu

Al Marshall Technician of the Year — Cesar Veloz.

Exerpt from Cesar’s nomination letter: “Cesar he has proven to be one of the best technicians in his field at Stanford and he has impressed me immensely with his dedication to always put the health and wellbeing of each animal first. I have had the opportunity to observe his participation and interaction with co-workers and researchers as well and wholeheartedly determined him to be an outstanding technician in all respects. In the past year Cesar has taken on many new husbandry responsibilities... His compassionate care of these animals is at the top of the list of his many strong attributes.

Dave Chu and Caesar Veloz

Cesar receives award from 2016 President David Chu at the Fall Educational Symposium. The award was established in 1969. Photo by Christine Arnold.

His flexibility and broad knowledge of husbandry is very helpful especially when dealing with staffing shortages… Cesar is well equipped to grow from challenges that he is presented with in the animal research field. His compassion, patience, teaching ability, and strong work ethic have all culminated to prepare him beautifully for his job”

LATg of the Year — Emmanuel Chua.

Exerpt from Emmanuel’s nomination letter: “Emmanuel plays a critical role in the Veterinary Staff within the Lab Animal Resources department at Genentech, where he has worked since 2004. His daily responsibilities include ensuring the health and welfare of the animals at Genentech, providing medical care as necessary and ensuring compliance with [external] and internal committees. He actively works with animals on a daily basis, ensuring proper and appropriate care is given to all. He is instrumental in keeping our research models on protocol to gather the best possible data for the researcher, while ensuring Animal Welfare at the forefront of his decisions.

Emmanuel Chu

Emmanuel receives the Technologist of the Year Award. Photo courtesy Raul Garcia-Gonzalez.

He has taken on more and more responsibilities over the years, training researchers of all levels... He takes initiative to learn new techniques himself if there may be a possibility they will be implemented into Genentech’s research program. He ensures the research staff is properly trained and efficient in procedures they want to conduct in vivo. Emmanuel is a team player and always takes the time to explain situations to animal care or research staff. In addition to the excellent care he provides, Emmanuel is a pleasure to work with and he has a genuine desire to help people learn. He is also an excellent listener, extremely patient and has a great sense of humor.”

Al Edwards Supervisor of the Year — Courtney Losser (PMI).

Summary from Courtney’s nomination letter: “She is a strong team leader; she has trained and mentored staff, provided excellent care towards animals and improved internal processes; she takes charge in working on new projects and learning new skill sets; she has the ability to keep the staff smiling and having fun while they do their work; she is always brainstorming and providing new ideas on how to better the overall general health and well-being of the animals and encourages the same behaviors from the technicians which helps build teamwork. The team has become a cohesive group that pulls together no matter what the situation.”

Supervisor of the Year

Courtney receives the award at the Symposium. Courtney supervises operating rooms. Photo by David Chu.

Support Personnel of the Year — Sonja Goedde.

Support Personnel of the Year for 2016

Sonja receives award. 2016 was the inaugural year for this award. Photo courtesy Janis Atuk-Jones

Excerpt from Sonja’s nomination letter: “I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Ms. Sonja Goedde for the award. Sonja works as Stanford’s Veterinary Service Center primary receptionist, fielding phone calls and foot traffic to the main animal facility. She greets everyone with a warm welcome and smile… I hear her answer a never ending slew of questions and concerns from the moment she walks in until the end of the day. She always finds the answer or solution to a problem, and if she doesn’t know what that is, she will find the person who does. [For example], Sonja has been registering personnel for VSC training workshops, printing and assembling all of the necessary training materials. Over the past year, Stanford’s VSC has increased in the number of workshops offered and the number of attendees in the workshops. There have been an average of 4 workshops a week, with class sizes range from 4-80 attendees. Sonja always has the attendee list ready, as well as training folders printed and assembled the day before the workshop. She has spent an incredible amount of time preparing for these workshops. We have shared many laughs over the past month regarding last minute rushes and requests from attendees, printer failures and scheduling snafus. As a primary trainer to the VSC, I cannot imagine trying to do my job without her assistance and I sincerely appreciate her dedication and contribution to promoting high quality care and service to animal research personnel.”

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