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Winter 2016/2017 Issue

“Millenial Menu” Posted 2/4/2017

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Our opening masthead page carries the Winter theme and a Table of Contents that links to subject pages, as well as our current 2017 volunteer Board of Directors list and email contacts for your convenience. Also included are Save The Date! notes and publishing details.

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President's Message

I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
I am excited to take on this endeavor as NCB AALAS Branch President and with such an energetic, caring and intelligent committee to help me.

The winner is Sonja Wallace.

Humanitarian Award Honors Ron Orta

The Ron Orta Humanitarian Award honors the memory of a beloved friend and colleague in the lab animal community. The award was created after Ron’s sudden death in November of 2007 from acute respiratory disease. Ron was a sales representative with Allentown for many years of his distinguished career in laboratory animal science. He was revered for his outgoing nature, big heart, and inclusive demeanor. The District 8 Council, in conjunction with Allentown Inc., created the award to honor Ron’s compassion, dedication, humility, and friendship.

We watch our money.

Fiscal Summary

As a non-profit organization serving its members, the Board strives to keep cost recovery and expenses within the targeted +/- 10% of each other. 2016 ended on a positive note from a fiscal perspective as our cost recovery exceeded expenses by 8%.

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Membership Renewals for Individuals and Organizations

Do you have a question regarding individual or institutional membership? Please email
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NCB-AALAS awards

Awards Season Recap

Exerpt from Cesar’s nomination letter: “Cesar has proven to be one of the best technicians in his field at Stanford and he has impressed me immensely with his dedication to always put the health and wellbeing of each animal first. I have had the opportunity to observe his participation and interaction with co-workers and researchers as well and wholeheartedly determined him to be an outstanding technician in all respects. In the past year Cesar has taken on many new husbandry responsibilities... His compassionate care of these animals is at the top of the list of his many strong attributes.

See the winning posters here.

Symposium Poster Winners

Of the nine posters submitted for consideration, eight were accepted for the poster contest. Top three posters received cash prizes. If you have a great idea then it’s never too early to start on your 2017 poster. Details will be provided in the next newsletter. Congratulations to the following top three posters.

Lab animals take over.

Science News

Replacing fin clipping with skin swabbing for DNA When you think about it, working with zebrafish isn’t all that different than working with mice. You must provide zebrafish with a proper life support system, adequate opportunities for expressing normal behaviors, and use them in a humane fashion.

News around the world of science

Newsletter: TBR News & Views PDF

The Southern California and Palms to Pines branches of AALAS had a very successful Summer Symposium this year. The day-long symposium was held at Cal Poly Pomona’s Kellogg West Conference Center and Hotel on August 17th. The keynote speaker was none other than Dr. Laura Conour, the sitting AALAS President. The symposium covered topics such as invertebrate care, mouse lemurs, the microbiome, sentinel testing, and large animal surgery. Attendance was excellent and everyone enjoyed a day of learning and engagement. Next up on the schedule will be our ever popular holiday meeting on December 8th.

spotlight on you

Member Updates & Spotlights

In 1999 the Committee on Technician Affairs created a National Laboratory Animal Technician Week. This annual celebration recognizes laboratory animal technicians for their essential contributions as members of the research team. In 2002 it was renamed the International Laboratory Animal Technician Week, allowing technicians from around the world to participate in the event. Just recently, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America and the American Veterinary Medical Association approved the Academy of Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians ( as an officially recognized specialty. Vet techs in lab animal medicine and management have come a long way and NCB-AALAS wants to hear from you. Please share your 2017 Tech Week photos and stories for publication in our spring issue. Send them to no later than March 3rd - dkc

Scientists collaborate.

District 8 March Meeting

2017 District 8 AALAS Meeting - March 22 - 24, 2017
Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel - 150 West 500 South, Salt Lake City, UT
$128/night including free wifi, parking and shuttle to and from the airport.

Four seasons track our lives.

Creative notes from Sonja Wallace

If you weren’t a member of NCB-AALAS in 2016, here are just some of the activities you missed out on:
NCB hosted two AALAS test preparation courses last year, one in UCSF’s Mission Bay and the other at SRI International’s Menlo Park campus. The 18-week courses, taught by popular UC Davis instructor Doug Miller, helped students prepare for the AALAS ALAT and LAT level certification exams. By alternating the course between the North Bay and the Peninsula, members were able to select a location closer to their place of work.

Messages from our Editor, and Developer

NCB-Sentinel is now 100% electronic, 100% fresh, and is downloadable straight to your device. We hope to bring you news, updates, and knowhows from around the Bay Area and beyond. —dkc

Carl Polizzi crafts our page layouts at design,, and handles online questions by forwarding them to the appropriate volunteer board member to answer your question ASAP. —carlito

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We provide ad space for our trusted vendors and sponsors in the animal sciences industry. Here we have all the business cards displayed with email and website access in case you need details to make an emergency call for supplies or help. The phone numbers under your cards are mobile links now, so just tap it!


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