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International Laboratory Animal Technician Week 2017

In 1999 the Committee on Technician Affairs created a National Laboratory Animal Technician Week. This annual celebration recognizes laboratory animal technicians for their essential contributions as members of the research team. In 2002 it was renamed the International Laboratory Animal Technician Week, allowing technicians from around the world to participate in the event. Just recently, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America and the American Veterinary Medical Association approved the Academy of Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians ( as an officially recognized specialty. Vet techs in lab animal medicine and management have come a long way and NCB-AALAS wants to hear from you. Please share your 2017 Tech Week photos and stories for publication in our spring issue. Send them to no later than March 3rd — dkc

Stanford University announces DeVere Charron Spotlight Award

Many of you in the Bay Area knew him well personally and professionally. DeVere Charron was an individual who contributed immensely to the research community and fostered a culture where recognizing employees was a huge focus and priority. DeVere was characterized as an individual who had a can do attitude, team player, strong leadership skills, and was accountable to name a few attributes. DeVere, who was a 2014 Ron Orta Award recipient, passed away but his legacy lives on and Stanford’s new Spotlight Award aims to recognize individuals within the Department of Comparative Medicine who mirrors DeVere’s selfless attributes. In December 2016 the inaugural award went to dual recipients Duy Nguyen and Ben Franco. Congrats guys! — dkc

Share Your Experiences and Content

What’s happening at your institutions? Was there a fun event? Did your company win the basketball tournament? NCB-AALAS wants to hear from you. Send your stories and photos to — dkc

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