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President's Message

I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I am excited to take on this endeavor as NCB AALAS Branch President and with such an energetic, caring and intelligent committee to help me.

This year we would like to focus on community outreach, education and just an overall availability to our members. Our goal is to become a little more active in the community. We all have busy work schedules and busy lives, but our members are important to us and we want to give back and express our gratitude when we can. The committee is excited for the symposium this year and hopefully we will make a few changes that appeal to both our members and our sponsors. This community has a wealth of knowledge and it is important that we educate and assist each other with questions and concerns that may come up in our daily job routines. I hope to create a network where people can easily reach out and get feedback and not have to reinvent the wheel.

I want to thank all of our members and sponsors for supporting NCB AALAS. I encourage you to come out to any of the functions we put together to meet the board, members and sponsors and create a network that helps advance you and us educationally and career wise. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Thank you to this year’s board…Catherine Sohn, Cathy Nguyen, Christine Arnold, Helen Chum, Holly Turner, Jeff Cassell, Katie Kaufman, Kristen Pincolini, Vinnie Guarniere, Cheryle Aird and David Chu. I look forward to working with all of you!

Please remember to renew your membership!

—Brian Diethorn