NCB-AALAS is the Northern California Branch (NCB) of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). AALAS is the premier membership association of professionals employed around the world in academia, government, and private industry that advances responsible laboratory animal care and use to benefit people and animals. Since 1960, NCB-AALAS has been dedicated to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals and to the quality research that leads to scientific gains that benefit mankind and animals.

NCB-AALAS membership includes more than 500 clinical veterinarians, technicians, technologists, educators, and business people, researchers, administrators, animal producers, national and international experts.

The activities of NCB-AALAS include providing high quality, affordable educational opportunities, technical training, and resources for career development and professional certification to its members. The educational programs offered through NCB-AALAS emphasize the appropriate handling, care, and use of laboratory animals, preparation for AALAS certification exams, improving knowledge in technical areas, and helping to meet training mandates of regulatory agencies. Many San Francisco Bay Area research facilities require AALAS certification for hiring or advancement. NCB-AALAS provides, and heavily subsidizes, classes designed to prepare individuals for AALAS certification exams at no, or nominal, cost.

NCB-AALAS also provides its members with substantially discounted subscriptions (approximately one-tenth the cost of an individual subscription) to the AALAS Learning Library (A.L.L.), which includes access to its over 70 online courses for technicians, veterinarians, facility managers, ethics committee members, and researchers that work with animals in a research or education setting.

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Membership Benefits 

  • Increase your knowledge and professional development through scientific journals, publications, educational meetings, certification, and online resources.
  • Enrich your career by networking with other professionals at meetings and through online resources.
  • Provide you the chance to make a difference by participating in volunteer and public outreach initiatives.
  • Save money through member-only discounts on meetings and educational resources.
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Christine Arnold

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Olayemi Aderinto 

Executive Secretary

Gina Alvino

Executive Treasurer

Lisa Grays

Assistant Treasurer

Sonja Wallace


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Skye Prezio


Victor Gemora

    Membership Chair 

Amendeep Phagura

Education Chair

Angelica Cabrera


Olayemi Aderinto

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